4 Reasons not to contact me


I’m not a counsellor.

People sometimes get in touch and they may have had a specific trauma in their lives. If this applies to you then I’m not the right person for you. It’s very important that people get the help they need. I can’t and won’t work outside my scope of practice – see ‘Services’ for more information.


You’re not ready to confront the challenge

If you’re not honest with me, and more important with yourself, I can’t help. Sometimes there are very good reasons why people can’t be honest and that’s ok, however it doesn’t work when you’re trying to make changes in your life.


You’re too busy to commit

During our time together I will set you tasks. It’s vitally important that you carry forward the processes from our sessions. If your life is very hectic then make sure you give careful thought to how you’ll fit our work into your life.


You want me to give you the answer

My job is to help you understand you so that you can achieve what you want. That’s a lot of you in one sentence, because this is all about you. Positive change comes from within.