About me

What does ‘About me’ mean?

I always think the expected thing to do on pages like this, is to guide you through my career and my qualifications (they are here if you want to have a look) and talk about why I’ve made the choices I have. But how does reading about me help you or your business? It’s much more important to get a sense of who I am as a person. Then you can make a more informed choice on whether you think we would work well together.

Whatever I have done in my life, it has had one simple passion running through it.

People. Or in this case. You.

Why we think, talk, or act in the way we do? Why we suppress who we really are, what motivates and stimulates us? What stops us from sharing ourselves under pressure? Why do we get nervous, or anxious? What are we self-conscious about and why? What decisions and beliefs have we created that limit our sense of possibility? I have spent over 20 years working with people, and I love it because it provides me with an opportunity to enhance your mindset or that of your team.

To work with me requires two things – an open mind, and a real commitment to the process.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It isn’t.

I’m only as good as you or your team’s desire to be challenged and questioned. The reasons for a lack of performance are often complex, and you or your team may not even be consciously aware of what the issue is. I will push you or the group to show me who you are not what you do.

I’m only as good as you or your team’s commitment to the process. When we work together it is collaborative, we are a team. And any team needs total buy-in from those involved. If you or your team are resistant to change and development then I’m not right for you.

I will work to help create the mindset needed for high performance.

I will give you my passion, my honesty, and my integrity.

Make the right decision for you or your team.

I know you will.


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