As you can see from my ‘About me’ page, long before I started coaching I was and still am a professional actor. All my varied experience puts me in a unique position to be able to help other actors with the many challenges that come with the profession.

As any actor will know, keeping yourself motivated between jobs can be incredibly hard. You then get an audition and the pressure that comes with needing to produce in the moment. Walking away from this, and feeling that you weren’t able to relax is very frustrating. How often does negative  thought creep in? Have nerves got the better of you? Do you feel self conscious when taken out of your comfort zone.  Do you struggle to really listen to your scene partner because your mind is racing?

If this sounds familiar think about this line from Taoist Tradition-

‘Whoever puts to much attention on what is on the outside, gets clumsy on the inside’

Do you have the right mental process to be able to share yourself with strangers whilst trusting this process under pressure?

If you are an actor, production company, or drama school and the above resonates with you or the people you work with, then I’d love to hear from you.

Areas of work.


Audition Preparation

Increased Focus & Motivation

Dealing with nerves and anxiety.

Overcoming self consciousness

Help with negative thought.

Tailoring your process.

How to listen to your scene partner

Career Goals.

Drama Schools.

I can offer tailored workshops for either a half or full day. Whilst they would getting fantastic training with you, I believe I can add real value when it come to students mindset, both personally and professionally which is vital for their future careers.

Production Company.

Do you sometimes work with young or inexperienced actors who would benefit from on set coaching and/or mentoring? If so, I’d love to hear from you.