Business Performance

One of your team goes off quietly to prepare a presentation, pitch or speech. Their conscious mind reminds them not to forget the crucial points. They flick through their notes one last time, and their conscious mind tells them – I’m ready.

One of your team goes off to prepare a presentation, pitch or speech. Their subconscious mind is focused on a limiting belief they have about themselves. Am I enough? They begin to feel self conscious and desperately try to suppress their feelings for fear of showing it. The moment comes and they spend large parts in their head- they begin to stumble or become incoherent. They struggle to listen to questions as their subconscious focus becomes apparent in their body language and intonation. In turn this means they have to rely on externalizing as they become unauthentic and robotic.

Their moment to speak is over. They sit down, and reflect on a missed opportunity. Unable to comprehend how so much preparation and hard work went wrong when the pressure came.

In any group or team environment there is a big difference between what individuals consciously think or say and what they are feeling subconsciously.  People will often suppress how they’re really feeling because they don’t want others to perceive it as weakness. This is particularly prevalent when it comes to standing up in front of an audience and delivering under pressure. Be that presenting, public speaking, leading meetings, or pitching.

People buy off people, and yet why do we find it do so hard to just be ourselves in front others?

Our perceived vulnerability is what make us human and unique. Hide it and we become formulaic, share it and we are infinitely more interesting. This means our audience listens and engages more with what we are saying. If an audience is engaged it’s far more likely to buy what you’re selling.

I will work with your group individually and collectively on their focus; what are they choosing to concentrate on when speaking in public?   I will give them understanding of what their fear is, where it comes from, and how to work with it. We will then develop a self process with techniques that enable them to relax and share who they when it matters most.

Put simply.

They will learn how to use their greatest asset. Themselves.

Who would you buy from?

Nervous and tense or relaxed and confident?

I look forward to working with you.


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