B.E.L.I.E.F within Business

People listen to people- or in other words, who they connect with is who they relate to.

So, why do we find it do so hard to just be ourselves when speaking in public? And why does this even matter?

Well if your business relies on leading team meetings, presenting ideas, making a pitch, or speaking in public, you will have experienced first hand the horror of watching someone freezing on the spot.

The problem is this- people often make the mistake of suppressing their nerves or fear because they don’t want to show their vulnerability. This means they can’t be authentic and so to mask this they over compensate by ‘getting the content right’. They forget to concentrate on what they’re good at because they’re to preoccupied with how the audience will perceive them. This leads to robotic and tense delivery, and the best content delivered poorly is next to worthless.

The solution is this- my signature B.E.L.I.E.F system workshop. I will work with your team to banish their fears by giving them an understanding of why they feel like that, and how to deal with it. I will challenge them to establish their authenticity, by asking them to deliver a short speech in front of the group. They will learn how to locate their confidence under the biggest pressure. Through role play your team will know the importance of focusing externally on their audience and the impact this has on their mindset. Crucially, all of this is designed to feed their trust when they will need it most.

Put simply- my B.E.L.I.E.F system workshop will enhance the greatest asset your team has for public speaking- themselves.

People listen to people

People connect with people

People buy off people.

I am based in the Manchester area, and workshops can take place in either Bury or the city centre. Alternatively, I am also happy to travel to your place of business.

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