In two minutes it’s your turn to speak. Your conscious mind tells you – I’m ready. You feel very nervous so you go over things again in your mind- just to double check you know what you’re doing.  You see the audience or camera and try not to think about it. You remind yourself to be confident as you can hear your heart beating inside your chest. The last few take their seats and the moment is nearly here- so you tell yourself to relax.  You arrive on the spot and your conscious mind tells you again  – it will be fine.

In two minutes it’s your turn to speak. Your subconscious mind is racing. . . the fear is kicking in. What if I forget what i’m saying? Am I interesting? Will they like me? You see the audience or camera for the first time- your heart is beating loudly and you can’t seem to control it. You begin to feel overwhelmed so you focus more internally to try and reassure yourself. But your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you, and it knows you don’t trust yourself, it knows you don’t believe in yourself and it starts to ask – why are you lying to yourself??

In any given moment, there is a huge difference between what you tell yourself consciously, and what you’re feeling subconsciously. This is especially true when you have any number of people looking at you; waiting for you to speak. The mistake most people make in public speaking is they think the audience is only interested in the content.

They’re not.

The most difficult skill in public speaking is being able to share yourself and connect with the audience.


Because our natural instinct when faced with fear, pressure, nerves, or self-consciousness is to pretend we don’t feel like that. We don’t want people to see our vulnerability, so we concentrate on not making a mistake and getting the content right. . . and yet harnessing this vulnerability is absolutely essential to connecting with your audience. It requires you to be yourself while everybody is watching, which is very difficult –  particularly when you don’t know or can’t access the required mindset. So you fall back on old patterns of thought which means you hide and suppress your fears with the thinking – if i talk from my ego, and get the content right people wont see it. . . now that may be fine at a dinner party with new people, but not when you need to connect with lots of people staring at you.

If you’re a more experienced public speaker and want to enhance your skills and mindset; then my two hour masterclass is the perfect place for you. It provides you with the perfect opportunity to work with me on a one to one basis; and present your speech, presentation, or pitch and get direct feedback using my B.E.L.I.E.F methods.

Most importantly- it will give you a level of trust within yourself, so your audience listen to you and not your content.

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