Individual Performance

In two minutes it’s your turn to speak. Your conscious mind tells you – I’m ready. You feel very nervous so you go over things again in your mind just to double check you know what you’re doing.  You see the audience or camera and try not to think about it. You notice your mouth has gone dry, you take a drink of water but somehow it doesn’t quench your apparent thirst. You can hear your heart beating inside your chest, so you tell yourself to relax.  Your conscious mind tells you again  – it will be fine. 

In two minutes it’s your turn to speak. Your subconscious mind is racing – will they like me? Am I interesting? What happens if I forget? You see the audience or camera and your nerves feel overwhelming. Your heart is beating, and you can’t seem to control it. So you go over things again just to reassure yourself. But your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you, and it knows you don’t trust yourself, it knows you don’t believe in yourself and it starts to ask – why are you lying to me???

One of the most difficult things to do is share yourself and relax under pressure.


Because our natural instinct when faced with pressure, nerves, or self-consciousness is to pretend we don’t feel like that. We don’t want people to see our vulnerability, and yet harnessing this vulnerability is absolutely essential to anything performance based. It requires you to be yourself while everybody is watching, which is very difficult –  particularly when you don’t know or can’t access the required mindset. We fall back on old patterns which means we hide and suppress our fears with the thinking – if I hide it, people can’t see it . . .  That’s fine at a dinner party with new people, but not when you need to perform in front of an audience.

As well being a master coach in NLP, I have many years of experience as a professional actor and an actor trainer. All of my varied experience puts me in a very unique position to be able to help you create the mindset needed to maximize your greatest asset. You.

Whoever puts too much attention on what is on the outside, gets clumsy on the inside

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