All of my sessions are centred around the individual or group’s needs. Some of the challenges I regularly work with are shown below. There is obviously a cross-over with the areas I work in and it’s by no means definitive, it just gives you an idea of how I can help.

Personal Coaching

Freedom from Anxiety

Feeling Confident

Understanding your values

Getting the best out of your relationships

Increasing your motivation

Overcoming Limitations

Thinking in the Now

Goal setting

Coaching in the Workplace

Interpersonal skills


Improved Listening


Public speaking

Executive Coaching

I also offer executive coaching for business leaders. The need for this type of coaching has grown rapidly in the last few years as people in business recognise the importance of understanding their emotions, and those of other people around them. The nature of business is very diverse and the challenges that people face in leadership roles can be very demanding.  I’ll work to understand how you work, and enable you to get the best out of you and your team.