Why do I need coaching?

Firstly – lets deal with the perception of seeing a coach. Straight away there can be a tendency for us to reject the idea of coaching because we feel it implies we need ‘fixing.’ Perhaps it shows a weakness? Or maybe we want to feel we can sort it out ourselves. These reasons are perfectly understandable but they’re also incredibly destructive, as the more we ‘deny’ our true self the more unhappy we become. I’ve never fixed anybody in my career, for the simple reason that it’s impossible to do so. Only you can live your life, and only you can take responsibility for it. Which brings me to the point of perceived weakness. I’d like to ask you a question; what takes greater strength – to suppress how you really feel and pretend you’re where you want to be, or to accept you may need help in moving forward? Some of the most inspiring and successful people I’ve ever met are people who want to continually grow, learn and develop themselves, they aren’t satisfied with what they know, nor do they sit in the comfort of an easy life waiting for change. They go out and take action to be the best they can be. What do you want to do?

While the need for coaching obviously varies, it’s important to remember that whatever the issue or setting is, my work starts and ends with you.

Personal Coaching 

It’s amazing how much of our lives is spent in our heads. We constantly compare ourselves to others, we place our focus on what we don’t have, or aren’t achieving.  We take responsibility for what others think and feel, and try to control things outside of  what we can effect. We procrastinate and tell ourselves we can’t do things because we let the fear of the unknown stop us. My personal coaching aims to help you understand yourself on a much deeper level. What triggers certain thoughts and patterns of behaviour? Most importantly, how can we overcome it so we can live a more peaceful and fulfilling life? Below are some of the keys areas I work with;

Freedom from anxiety

Feeling confident

Understanding your values

Getting the best out of your relationships

Increasing your motivation

Overcoming limitations

Thinking in the now

Goal setting

Career Coaching

We all want a good career, to feel like we’ve achieved something and got the most out of ourselves. But what happens if nothing comes up, or you aren’t sure of what path to follow? Perhaps you’ve become dissatisfied with what you’re doing and you want to make a change, but you’re not sure how to transition? The decisions we make about ourselves are often outside of our conscious awareness. We can spend many years following a path because we feel that is all we are capable of or perhaps we have had external pressure to pursue a particular path. I will work with you so that you understand what’s really important to you in the context of your career. What are the blocks that you put in the way of your own success, and how resourceful can you be when your focus is in the right place? Below are some of the key areas I work with;

Stuck states of mind.

Lack of motivation or confidence

Identifying your strengths and resources

Understanding your values

Increased awareness and understanding of self. 

How to be yourself under pressure

Interview technique. 

Excutive Coaching

Are you a business owner or leader who wanting to develop your skill in understanding yourself and the team who work for you? Perhaps you struggle to assert yourself or conversely you find it hard to keep calm in pressure moments or heated conversation. Do you dread presenting, or public speaking? Do you find it hard to articulate what you want to say in big groups of people? Do you struggle with people who don’t have the same drive and ambition as you? As the leader you have to project a sense of confidence, but what happens when you’re not feeling it? Do you always make time to fully understand your staff, thus making sure you get the best out of them? Our work together will focus on the person behind the leader. What can you enhance to make you and your business the best it can be? If you would like me to work with your team or with a specific group please contact me for a personal quotation, otherwise one to one pricing applies. Below are some of the key areas I work with; 

The art of public speaking

Mastering presentations

Asserting yourself

Calmness under pressure

Increased self awareness

Interpersonal skills with staff. 

Understanding decision making

Work/life Balance.