Ask Yourself This

Am I enough?

Every self doubt, concern, fear, or worry we’ve ever had all comes back to this one question.

Wait. What?

Let me explain. You are on my website because you think there is a specific area in your life that you’re struggling with. You may think you need help with changing your career. Or perhaps you don’t feel confident. It could be that you think you struggle with relationships either personally or professionally. However they aren’t the real purpose of why you’re here, even if you don’t know it yet. The real reason you’re here is to answer one very simple question; why I have spent my entire life thinking I’m not enough?

If that is the question, what stops you wanting the answer?

Firstly – lets deal with the perception of talking to a professional. Straight away there can be a tendency for us to reject the idea because we feel it implies we need ‘fixing.’ Perhaps it shows a weakness? Or maybe we want to feel we can sort it out ourselves. These reasons are perfectly understandable but they’re also incredibly destructive, as the more we ‘deny’ our true self the more unhappy we become. I’ve never fixed anybody in my career, for the simple reason that it’s impossible to do so. Only you can live your life, and only you can take responsibility for it. Which brings me to the point of perceived weakness; what takes greater strength? To suppress how you really feel and pretend you’re where you want to be, or to seek consultation and transform your life? Some of the most inspiring and successful people I’ve ever met are people who want to continually grow, learn and develop themselves, they aren’t satisfied with accepting the status quo, nor do they sit in the comfort of an easy life waiting for transformation. They go out and take action to be the best they can be.

Why work with me?

I could do a big spiel here about how amazing I am, list my achievements and testimonials and promise you the earth, but what’s the point? It’s not about me, it’s about you. What’s imperative to me is your transformation, not reinforcing my ego. I love what I do because of what I see in you, not the results I achieve. There is a big difference between the two. Any relationship is about trust and that is where my work begins and ends. I will do everything I can to earn your trust, so that you feel understood and can be totally honest with me. I will leave you in no doubt about how much I care about your transformation – not by what I say, but how I will endeavor to make you feel, which is excited about the transformation that lies ahead.

What does your future look like?

There are two ways the next ten minutes of your life will affect you.

  1. You will get a sense of what I’m talking about, but ‘Am I enough’ will quickly spring into your mind. You’ll close the page down, and think about it for another hour or two before letting it fade away by pouring a glass of wine or sticking the telly on. You’ll continue to occasionally think or maybe scream in your head ‘Is this all my life is about!!??’ But the need to transform won’t be greater than the need to stay the same because you have decided to accept you aren’t enough.

2. Something- somewhere will click, and you’ll realise there was a reason your subconscious brought you to my page and while not knowing the destination yet you’ll be ready to take the first step in transforming your life. You’ll feel a sense of excitement about what is to come and a realisation that for the first time you are taking control of your future.

How do I take the first step to transforming my life?

You head straight to contact me and get in touch, not tomorrow, not later, not in ten minutes.


Follow your instinct.

You know more than you think you know.

Really looking forward to meeting you.